Student Authored and Illustrated Books

MPASS Education is excited to collaborate with students to both author and illustrate short stories that are intended to support other students with understanding how math and other content areas are used in real-life situations.  In March of 2022, a student authored a short story to demonstrate her understanding of using similar triangles to determine the height of an object. Upon reviewing the draft, I was hit with the idea that not only was her work exceptional, worthy of being published, but can also inspire other students and teachers.  The decision was made that MPASS Education would publish student authored and student illustrated books to support student successes in a new and unique way.  I am hopeful that not only will the books published by MPASS Education be a concrete example of student achievement but to also break down barriers for future students to find their pathway to success.

All books published by MPASS Education are in support of student success and in recognition of exceptional work.  All net profits from the sale of each book goes directly to the author and illustrator! Please check out these books, all of which are available on Amazon.

Student Authored and Illustrated Books

The Monsters of Math series:

The Monsters of Math is a series of children’s books in which a group of friends work through everyday situations and learn how math skills help to inform their decisions. The books are not intended to be read in any specific order. The math skills and stories are intended to support parents, teachers, and students to understand the importance of applying math skills within everyday decisions.

The Monsters of Math Plan a Party by Aunt T and Ryan Reed, illustrated by Lu Hubbell


Cedric wants to celebrate his friends by hosting a party in which their favorite snacks are included. As Cedric begins to make plans for his friendship party he is faced with the challenge of determining the favorite snacks. He asks his friend for help and the two develop a plan to gather and organize data to better support their snack decision.

The Monsters of Math Plan a Fishing Derby by Aunt T and Ryan Reed, illustrated by Lu Hubbell


The Monsters of Math Plan a Fishing Derby is the second book in the series. In this story, we meet Cedric’s grandparents, Nanna and Pa who help me plan a fishing derby. Along the way, Cedric and his friends consider how a fishing derby supports a stronger community, how to be happy for others’ success and that it is not necessary to win a prize to enjoy the event.

How Tall is Lulu by Kayla Maples and illustrated by Lu Hubbell


Susie and her friend Jess collaborate to determine how tall is Lulu. Lulu is Susie’s friend who happens to be a giraffe. The three try to determine Lulu’s height using measuring tools, but realize they are not tall enough to successfully do so. Jess explains how to use shadows and similar triangles to calculate Lulu’s height.

Tasha’s Adventures in Cooking series:

Tasha is a precocious child that loves to bake. She generally has great intentions and believes she can do everything on her own. But, in each adventure, she learns something new about baking and how it is good to ask for help.

Tasha’s Adventures in Cooking, Cups are Cups? by Aunt T and Sarah Reed, illustrated by Abigail Burk


Tasha is an adventurous young baker. She has great intentions to bake cupcakes to show her friend, Lexi, that she is important to her. Tasha first attempts to bake the cupcakes on her own, but for some reason, they taste terrible. She calls her Aunt T for help. Together they determine what went wrong on the first attempt and make a second batch that tastes delicious.

Sambi Nayar series:

Sambi Nayar is a world class nature explorer who researches rare plants and animals in order to protect their environment. During the first book of the series Sambi meets Eloff, who is a talking …well we do not want to give too much away. This series follows Sambi’s adventures as he explores our world and brings to light the desperate need for everyone to help protect our environment and everything living.

Samib Nayar and the Cave Dwellers by J’Shawn Dillard and supporting illustrator Lu Hubbell


Sambi Nayar is a world class nature explorer working for the WWF. His job is to research rare plants and animals so that the WWF can work to protect their habitats. In this story, Sambi travels to the Yangzi caves in the South China Karst region via the Yangtze river. During his search, Sambi meets Eloff, who is quite remarkable.

The Lessons of Mama Tembo by Jimmy Drisdom III and illustrated by Sam Burk


Mama Tembo teaches the young animals of the forest the importance of living in harmony with the humans. Her and a young elephant bravely approach a local farmer to become friends. Mama Tembo teaches Jake, the farmer, the importance of trees and how trees help the air, water, and soil. Terrific story focusing on the importance of humans taking care of the earth and all living things.

Luna’s Creation by Audrey Ocampo and supporting illustrator Lu Hubbell

Luna and her friends enjoy racing cars at recess. Unfortunately, Luna cannot afford to buy a new car. Luna and her mother work together to build their own toy car. Luna’s car is unique and she surprises all her friends with how fast it goes.

An Amazing Day at Wishland by Jesus Ovando Barraza, illustrated by Cindy Alvarez


Thomas, Maria, and Mike discover the importance of planning for a fun day at the amusement park. While planning, they demonstrate the importance of collaboration. They also demonstrate the importance of using a map, understanding walking rates, average rates, and elapsed time.