About Us

MPASS Education began with the dream of eliminating the gap between the content knowledge that is taught and how that knowledge is used authentically in life whether it is in a career or personal decisions. To that end, MPASS Education partners with educators to re-define learning, curriculum, and assessment to better align with 21st Century skills, those skills employers identify as the most needed in our current workforce. We go beyond the catch-phrase “college and career ready” and build a balanced system that values and embraces authentic learning and development of content skills through the use of performance assessments.

MPASS Education works with each partner to develop a scope of work to meet your unique needs and to utilize your talents. We are not a “cookie cutter” program. We recognize that educational systems are unique with your own skills, goals, barriers, etc. We work with you to identify most pressing needs, and build-out for long-term success.

Meet the Staff:

Theresa Morris

Kaity Morris