Ms. Garcia – Teacher of the Month!

This month, we honor the remarkable achievements of Ms. Yessica Garcia, a first-year MLP teacher at Littlerock High School. Through her dedication, she has motivated her students to excel in problem-solving and applying mathematical concepts in real-life scenarios.

Ms. Garcia’s colleagues, Mr. Rouse and Ms. Mellen, nominated her for Teacher of the Month. They praised her for fostering a collaborative and respectful environment where students eagerly engage in projects and strive to enhance their skills. They commended her continuous learning and willingness to share new insights with her students.

Ms. Garcia recently attended the MLP STEM Expo, where she supported and encouraged her student in achieving a 3rd place finish. Her unwavering commitment to student success shines through in everything she does.

Personally, I have been impressed by Yessica’s thoughtful approach to teaching. Her reflective practices and insightful discussions on classroom strategies, teaching methods, and student interactions highlight her commitment to student engagement.

I am excited to witness Ms. Garcia and her students excel in the years ahead, showcasing continued excellence.

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