The April 24th AV MLP STEM EXPO saw exceptional participation, with all students achieving rankings in the top two categories, red or blue, out of four possible categories. The expo’s primary objective is to encourage students to reflect on their MLP experiences and identify projects that have made a significant impact on themselves or their community. Participants were tasked with visually representing this impact and delivering a 4–6-minute presentation summarizing the chosen project and detailing how the acquired knowledge and skills will influence their present and future endeavors. Moreover, students were prompted to consider the long-term effects of this knowledge and skills, even 30 years down the line. Judges posed incisive questions to ensure a profound comprehension of the mathematics involved and validate the proclaimed impact.

I extend my heartfelt gratitude to all MLP teachers whose unwavering support and commitment to MLP students go above and beyond. Mathematics, often confined to classroom settings, gains fresh relevance through MLP teachers’ efforts to demonstrate its practical applications in students’ daily lives. The MLP STEM EXPO showcased the tangible external impact of these efforts.

A special commendation goes to Nyana Rowland from Highland High School, the deserving recipient of the 1st place honor. Nyana, a student in Ms. Grose’s 3rd year MLP Class, illustrated how the Modeling Movements Project significantly influenced her performance in volleyball, both as a player and subsequently as a coach. Understanding ball trajectories and movements based on different hits and styles proved integral to her success in the sport.

Claiming the 2nd place was Alynna Martinez, also from Highland High School and a member of Ms. Morgan’s 2nd year MLP class. Alynna eloquently showcased the connection between creating a pinata from recycled materials and the entrepreneurial venture of starting a business. She highlighted, “Crafting the pinata opened my eyes to the creative possibilities using recycled materials (readily available at no cost) and the subsequent sale of these items for profit.”

Brandon Niter from Littlerock High School secured the 3rd place position. Brandon, enrolled in Ms. Garcia’s 1st year MLP class, emphasized the importance of understanding the financial interplay among career choices, income levels, housing, and transportation expenses for prudent financial planning. He remarked, “I now realize the financial implications of securing a comfortable home and car. I am motivated to work diligently towards a career as a neurosurgeon or realtor to afford the lifestyle I aspire to.”

Notable mentions include students from various schools:

  • Ms. Minh’s MLP Classes at Eastside High School: Shyree Williams, Oscar Damian, Yahir Avila, and Loida Castro
  • Mr. Williams’ class at Antelope Valley High School: Lesly Munoz
  • Ms. Morgan’s classes at Highland High School: Emahni Butler, Vanessa Rivera, and Genesis Hernandez

I express my appreciation to the AVUHSD leadership for their steadfast commitment to student achievements as well as the judges who supported the students throughout the competition.

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