Kaity’s Colloquium

Welcome to the world of Kaity’s Colloquium. In this blog series I will focus on biases and inequalities within the education system. If you are new to MPASS Education, you may be wondering why we include or have an interest in these topics. This is an amazing question which leads me right into my next topic.

My background is in Sociology and Institutional Research. Both of which often focus on inequalities either between individuals or groups of individuals. I majored in Sociology for both my Bachelor’s as well as my Masters. I wasn’t searching for sociology. I actually fell into it by accident, Soc 100 met a gen ed requirement.  I am now very thankful for the experience I had in this course.  Also shout out to my SOC 100 teacher who made me fall in love with the field.

Sociology has always allowed me to follow those huge questions of why society is the way that it is. My favorite topic to research is gender inequalities in sports. Sports have been a big part of my life (and continues to be as I am a high school coach). Having faced many inequalities growing up, as well as hearing about what other women have had to go through, fuels my passion to research and educate others.

Several posts will be overviews of my findings from previous projects, most of which were done on a very small scale. With that being said, many of the findings cannot be assumed to be true for all circumstances. In every post I will make the biases and limitations very known.

My posts will not always be reporting findings from various studies. I will also include opinion pieces on events or topics within education.

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