MLP STEM Expo 2023

The first annual MLP STEM Expo was held on Saturday, May 6, 2023.  The event provided 32 MLP students with the opportunity to demonstrate their understanding of various applications of mathematics and it’s impact to either the individual or the community.

Students selected a MLP project, described the overall problem, and their solution pathway.  Then the students had to present an argument for how knowing and understanding the project as well as the mathematics has the potential for impacting either themself or their community in the future.

The judges for the event included:

  • Guillermo Lopez, West Ed
  • Jack Dieckmann, Stanford University
  • Josette Neal-De-Stanton, Envision Learning
  • Vinci Daro, Envision Learning & Stanford University

We want to congratulate all student participants!  Everyone scored within the top 2 levels, earning either a blue or red ribbon.  Furthermore, we want to congratulate the top 5 finishers:

  • 1st Place: Anthony Martinez, Littlerock High School
  • 2nd Place: Kayla Maples: Antelope Valley High School
  • 3rd Place: Sebastian Aceves, Knight High School
  • 4th Place: Marilyn Mendez, SOAR Palmdale
  • 5th Place: Jazmin Corona, Eastside High School

MPASS Education wants to thank the staff of Eastside High School for hosting this event.  I want to thank the judges, the MLP teachers and in particular Sam Perez and Cara McKnight for their support of this event.

During the STEM Expo, MPASS Education hosted a 50-minute STEM Challenge that was open to both the MLP and Science participants.  During this challenge, students were faced with a rapid prototyping situation in which they had to decipher a significant amount of data, budgetary constraints, and information to propose a plan for a local park and playground.

We want to congratulate all participants and note the top 12 finishers (top 4 in each category).

  • Katie Eaton, Littlerock High School
  • Kenneth Mauel, SOAR Academy
  • Emeri Gonzalez, SOAR Academy
  • Andres Rodriguez, SOAR Academy
  • Anthony Martinez, Littlerock High School
  • Sebastian Aceves, Knight High School
  • Angelina Ritchie, SOAR Academy
  • Esther Robinson, SOAR Academy
  • Athena Jordan, SOAR Academy
  • Austin Schmid, SOAR Academy
  • Juliette Fonseca, Littlerock High School
  • Breanna Andrade, SOAR Academy