Knight High School Junior High Mathlete Competition

Ms. Gordon has organized and facilitated the Knight High School Junior High Mathlete Tournament now for several year. Relying on her AP Calculus students, they welcome students from surrounding elementary and junior high schools. The teams meet and practice throughout the school year to prepare for this annual event. This year was the first competition following COVID.

MPASS Education sure knew how to stir up some math magic! Picture this: 200 brainy 6th, 7th, and 8th graders battling it out in tricky challenges that put their problem-solving skills to the test. The buzz was all about how the problems were as fun as a rollercoaster ride but as tough as cracking a secret code.

Big cheers to all the competitors and their mentors!
Let’s give a round of applause to Mia Mauricio, Hayden Christ, Kaylee Guerra, and Eli Finder for acing the 6th-grade showdown. Hillview Elementary clinched the top spot in the team face-off, with Los Amigos and Rancho Vista not far behind.

The 7th-grade clash was nail-biting! Well done to Andrew Hernandez, Adrian Carlos, and Lauren Stewart for scoring top spots. Joe Walker School nailed the team challenge, with Hillview and Los Amigos hot on their heels.

The 8th graders brought the heat, with Andrew Chin, Evan Melton, and Alantis Vinso neck and neck in the scores! The team rumble was a real nail-biter, with a tie-breaker deciding the champ. Three cheers for Joe Walker School, Hillview Middle School, and Shadow Hill!
MPASS Education is all revved up to keep the mathlete vibes alive for years to come!