AV Student Amazing Race/Scavenger Hunt!

Congratulations to all students participating in The Amazing MLP Scavenger Hunt 2022 held at UCLA.  Thank you to all administrator and teachers for making this event possible and for the work and support you provide your students every day.

1st Place: Littlerock High School

2nd Place: Knight High School

3rd Place: R. Rex Parris High School

The teams from Littlerock and Knight High School were comprised of students who began Math Literacy as freshman and are now completing their senior year. Cat Mellen (MLP teacher at Littlerock) and Nikki Gordon (MLP teacher at Knight) have inspired and motivated their students for 4 years and have successfully embodied the goals and outcomes of the Math Literacy Project from its inception.  Thank you both for leading this challenge!  I am so very proud of the progress students are making.  So proud of every student who participated in the event and demonstrated math content knowledge and the characteristics of Math Literacy: Problem solving, Perseverance, Collaboration, Communication, Productive Failure, Critical Thinking.  Looking forward to the 2023 event!