2nd Annual Amazing MLP Scavenger Hunt

This year, 150 students competed in teams of 2-3 in the 2nd annual Amazing MLP Scavenger Hunt hosted by Azusa Pacific University.  MPASS Education wants to give a special thank you to the staff of APU for their generosity, professionalism, and for supporting the AV students within the event!

The race format was slightly modified this year to encourage greater critical thinking, collaboration, and to juggle identifying important information from multiple sources.  To this end, each team received its own Race Book and an Informational Book (Time) in which students had to navigate the campus as well as identifying pertinent information in each book to then solve challenging complex math problems.

Teachers and students from 10 schools arrived by in the morning and competed for the next 3 hours!  Tasks ranged from finding the height of one of the 7 Palms and then to determine the rate at which the team could complete 40 yards in either a run, jog, or walk and be within 1 second differential.

We want to thank the AV district leadership and teachers for supporting this event with their time and talents.

Students had this to say about the event:

“This was amazing.  The tasks were really, really challenging, but we worked as a team and were able to complete all the tasks!  Last year our team only completed 3 of the 6 tasks.”

“Getting to be on a college campus was insightful and I am so thankful for the opportunity to meet with the APU administrators and staff who provided information about applications, and how to stay in touch.”

“I was really nervous about the competition.  Questioning if I would be able to contribute.  But I am so proud of how well my team and I did during the competition.  We were in the top 10 teams out of 50.  That is a great accomplishment.  I know we will do even better next year.”

“This was so much fun.  I know not many students would share that doing a math competition was fun, but WOW, this was so exciting and intense.  Our team had to make hard decisions about the bonuses as well as which task to complete.  Then the tasks themselves were challenging but also rewarding.  Thank you for creating this competition.”

Congratulations to all participants and teachers for a job well done.  Below is a list of the top 10 teams.  Ms. Mellen’s team for the 2nd year in a row has taken the top prize!  Congratulations Ms. Mellen and your students!

1st Place: Littlerock High School

Teacher: Ms Mellen

Team: Derrick, Jacob, and Randall

2nd Place: Desert Winds High School

Teacher: Ms Cramer

Team: Sidney, Jesse, and Oscar

3rd Place: Lancaster High School

Teacher: Mr Tapia

Team: Bridget, Lucas and Isaac

4th Place: Highland High School

Teacher: Ms Grose

Team: Lily, Thomas, and Joshua

5th Place Knight High School

Teacher: Ms Gordon

Team: Eric and Asa

6th Place: Eastside High School

Teacher: Mr Perez

Team: Daniela and Victorio

7th Place: Antelope Valley High School

Teacher: Mr Williams

Team: London, Mia, and David

8th Place: Highland High School

Teacher: Ms Morgan

Team: Ian and Jaun

9th Place: Eastside High School

Teacher: Ms Minh

Team: Daniel, Danny and Carlos

10th Place: Palmdale High School

Teacher: Michelle Nguyen

Team: Vivian and Mikaly

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