Teacher of the Month

Being a Mathematics Literacy Teacher entails mastering the art of facilitating and inspiring learning rather than merely lecturing. It necessitates fostering an environment that encourages student autonomy and expression, leading to diverse correct solution approaches. This shift can prove daunting for some educators.

This week, we take pride in spotlighting Ms. Minh from Eastside High School. Over the past two years, she has demonstrated exceptional dedication to teaching the Math Literacy Project, overcoming its challenges with grace. Her students exhibit commendable progress in both Algebra I and Geometry. As a perpetual learner of the curriculum, she meticulously dissects the materials, posing insightful inquiries and offering valuable suggestions for enhancement.

Sam Perez lauds, “Ms. Minh is a caring and dedicated teacher that always puts students first. Her dedication to the Math Literacy Project can be observed in her conversations with her students during projects and outside of the curriculum. She always encourages her students to do their best in everything they do and because of these positive interactions, they succeed.”

Warm congratulations to Ms. Minh for earning the title of Teacher of the Month!

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